INHOUSE Productions Ltd. is a collaborative design and digital production company based in Toronto, consisting of designers, copywriters, marketing specialists and online content developers with clients world-wide.

GameTV, Toronto, ON

INHOUSE was tasked to redesign and redevelop the GameTV specialty television channel web site. The newly-developed site is based on a fully-customized CMS platform to allow for the management of all content from within a single access easy-to-use interface. Content management includes: weekly feature banners, individual programme listings with thumbnail images and descriptions, promotional banners throughout the site as well as business pages content.

The existing site management required a mix of traditional ftp upload of image content, manual editing of xml files for handling banners and hyperlinks to programme content as well as single week scheduling which required twice-weekly updating.

The redeveloped site incorporates numerous updated functions, including:

  • promotional banner uploading on a monthly basis with banners coming offline automatically at the end of each day of programming
  • ability to build programming schedules months in advance
  • customized implementation of video content hosted by Vimeo

Further development has included a revamped marketing enewsletter format with improved content formatting as well as a robust sales microsite with customized marketing content and landing pages for specific marketing initiatives.

Development completed in November 2014.

GameTV web site