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Federation of Canadian Naturists, Toronto, ON

Redevelopment of the FCN association web site based on Joomla platform. The site had not been updated for quite some time and so was in need of a major design overhaul and updating to more current web standards with regards to updated text style and formatting and content access.

The home page incorporates and attractive banner design with custom message display that can be updated on an ongoing basis. All content site-wide has been reformatted to follow the new style and web standards.

The site now includes three levels of access:

  1. for visitors looking for info about the FCN,
  2. for sign-ups who are interested in receiving ongoing updates from the FCN on events, and
  3. full membership level which allows access to articles and the complete archives of the FCN’s print-based publication Go Natural which is now online in PDF format.

The FCN’s site has evolved from an older format with less than ideal content formatting to an updated platform with attractive interface for members to be able to interact with the association. Development completed April 2015.